Replacing a commercial door lock involves removing the existing lock by unscrewing it, measuring the dimensions for the new lock, and installing it following the manufacturer’s instructions. Align the new lock properly and secure it in place using provided screws. 

Besides, test the lock’s functionality with the key to ensure smooth operation. Professional locksmiths often handle commercial lock replacements due to complexities and security considerations, ensuring the new lock meets security standards and functions seamlessly. Make sure to hire a reliable commercial lock repair services.

Are commercial door locks different?

Yes, commercial door locks differ significantly from residential ones. Designed for high-traffic areas and heightened security needs, commercial locks are sturdier, using heavy-duty materials like steel or solid brass. They often incorporate advanced security features such as complex key systems, meeting industry standards for enhanced protection. Their larger, bulkier designs accommodate heavy doors and hardware, offering functions like keyless entry or electronic access. Commercial locks adhere to specific regulations, addressing the unique security requirements of businesses while enduring frequent use. These locks prioritize durability, security, and diverse functionalities tailored to commercial and institutional settings.

Different Types of Commercial door locks

Commercial locks come in various types to meet different security needs:

Mortise Locks: Durable and strong, installed within the door itself, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Cylinder Locks: Commonly used, featuring a pin tumbler mechanism for easy rekeying and convenient access.

Deadbolt Locks: Known for strength and resistance to forced entry, with a solid metal bolt providing high security.

Keyless Entry Systems: Utilizing electronic methods like keypad locks or biometrics, offering convenience and enhanced security for authorized personnel.

High-Security Locks: Designed to resist tampering and picking, incorporating advanced technology and materials for added protection in sensitive commercial environments.

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