Moving home can be exciting, but it does come with a bundle of stress. There might be no situation that defines the phrase “a rollercoaster of emotions” as well as packing everything you own up and moving to a new destination. So, to make the most of the excitement but keep the stresses to a minimum, you need to concentrate your efforts where it matters the most.

Involve Your Children and Pets

You might think that moving home is all about your possessions, but you will quickly find it’s more about those you are making the move with. You and, if you have one, your partner are instrumental in deciding to move. However, your children and pets will have had little or no input into the process, might not want to go anywhere, and are generally confused about what is going on.

You need to make sure they are in the loop, so they don’t become emotional casualties of the situation. You could start by defining what is happening to your kids and keeping the same routine as much as possible, so your pets aren’t overly stressed. You could even give the kids an area of responsibility, like packing up their rooms or making all the garden toys ready to be boxed up.

Make Sure the Most Expensive Items Are Moved By Experts

General movers are typically very good, but some items you need to leave to the experts. When you think of the most expensive items, you would often think of your TV or computers, but you also need to think about your refrigerator. It probably costs just as much as your TV and might even be more essential when you get to the other end.

By finding the right refrigerator shipping company, you can hand the responsibility over to them. This way, you will have fewer worries about your fridge being damaged in transit by general movers, and that it will be taken care of. Getting your fridge to your new home unscathed and working might seem like a strange thing to focus on, but when you consider how uncomfortable your first few days in your new home would be without food, you can see it is worth the time and effort.

Have a Plan B

You will no doubt have read that you need to be organized when moving home. What so many of these articles leave out, however, is that things rarely go to plan. With this in mind, you would be well advised to have a plan B. This could consist of packing as if you were going on holiday, so you have all of the essentials in your bags with you in the car.

That way, if something goes wrong, you can either stay at a motel, or if you arrive and the moving van has broken down or been in an accident, you have everything you need to exist in an empty house for a day or so until it arrives.