Which is your go-to place when it comes to eyewear, if you still have not sorted the same, we have a suggestion just for you. Eyewear has become a part of an important accessory and they are nowhere just limited to vision support. 

In fact, they are very much focused on fashion and more such as eye protection and your best eyewear should absolutely cover each of your requirements. 

Eyewear and protection 

As said the usage of eyewear has no way limited itself just to vision support, now they have ventured into the various fields that offer way more than you have desired. One place that offers every service at its best is Specscart, they offer various protective layers such as anti-UV, anti-scratch, and anti-glare coating free of cost. This way they ensure the best protective service!

Here are a few essential protective coatings that you must have while purchasing your glasses:

Anti-blue light

Being stuck in the four-walled room, and glued to the screens for hours, your eyes go through immense amounts of strain and fatigue. Some also experience the issue of major and minor headaches, these small discomforts are also a major reason for the lack of productivity at work. But this can be well stopped with the help of anti-blue light coating, these filters effectively block the blue light. 

It provides much-required coverage and escapes from all these lights, helping in increasing productivity. During the night time, you can switch to these glasses, with better lighting conditions, and even turn on the night mode. 


One issue that is not much addressed is that of blue light, but glare has some serious effects on the eyes. Such as when the bright glare hits right at the eyes, it creates a blinding effect making it difficult to see. 

The glare is caused when the bright light hits the smooth surface creating a sharp glare. This can be quite a hindrance while driving at night or even during the daytime. These anti-glare glasses are strong enough to block the horizontal lights that cause the glare and let the rest pass through making it easier for one to see. So now you can well enjoy your day at the beach or your long night drive without the issue of glare hitting the eyes. Even mens sunglasses online with the polarised coating helps in effectively blocking this unwanted glare. 


Another major issue when it comes to the protection of the eyes is the effect of UV rays. Just like your skin requires complete protection against these rays, one usually tends to let them cover by some cloth or use sunscreen in order to prevent any damage caused by the UV rays. 

In the same way, one actually needs to protect their naked eyes from the direct contact of these rays, and the best suited for one is to switch to anti-UV glasses. This will completely prevent any direct contact with the eyes. 


Well, this might sound to be one of the basics, but one must definitely understand that one needs a proper, hindrance-free vision. Yes, anti-scratch coating absolutely helps in avoiding any rough patches caused by rough uses. While looking through the scratch-filled lenses, makes the vision hazy and even affects the ability to see or even can cause a change in prescription. So now you know why it is important for one to have scratch-free lenses. 

Transition lenses

If you are a person who is into magic tricks then it is right for you, transition lenses just as their name suggests are capable of transitioning. They are just your normal regular lenses when indoors and as soon as you plan to step out in the sun, they change their tint making it look just like that of the sunglasses. 

These tints are activated when once in contact with the sun, the more the intensity of the sunlight darker the tint. These are best used to protect the eyes from UV rays, and what to be best said about the glasses, they are able to adjust as per the sunlight falling right on them. 

Benefits of using reglazing of the glasses

There are several benefits of reglaze glasses, but first, we must understand what is reglazing the glasses. It is nothing but a service where one can actually have their lenses replaced with brand new ones that too on the existing frame. Yes, one can change the prescription and even add on a protective layer as well in order to get the lenses replaced. When we come around here are a few that you would definitely want to give your hands on. 

  1. They are super economical when it comes to eyewear, a sphere is no change in the frame and one can get brand new lenses right on existing frames without much effort. 
  2. Apart from that, they are eco-friendly as well, as there is no wastage of the frames and also there is no added pollution as well, which is caused even by the recycling process. Reglazing the glasses completely eliminates any chances.