This article will discuss the case of 61-year-old Raisibe Ramohlola, known by her real name “Mama Jackie.” Her mother is convict of kidnapping, assault, and theft. It also describes the alleged illegal nature of her childcare centre.

Accused of Kidnapping & Assault

Raisibe Ramohlola, 61, was arrest after a series of attacks on her children and neighbors. She has also been accuse of kidnapping and assault. Her was accuse of attacking a girl at school and forcing her to walk around naked. She was found guilty and sentence to four years in prison. Since her conviction, she has been increasingly hostile towards men and the media.

Ramohlola Testified in Mitigation

Ramohlola testified in mitigation to her sentence, saying that she had been an orphan herself and had founded an orphanage to care for the children. She had spotted children in the streets who had no parents. She took these children in, and received donations from the Rhema Church to help educate them.

The South African orphanage founder, known as ‘Mama Jackie,’ has been sentence to 12 years in prison. However, five of those years have been suspending, due to her humanitarian work. Although she was convict of running an illegal orphanage, she insists that she was only selling the children and not engaging in any violent acts. She may not work with children for five years after her release.

Crystal Heart Award

Her work gain widespread popularity after a 2006 documentary was aired on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It also won the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was also accuse of kidnapping students at her Ithuteng Trust School. The allegations have spawned stories from former students on social media. Amanda Du-Pont, who attend the school, accused Mama Jackie of abusing her daughter, but said she was too scared to speak up because of Mama Jackie’s power.

Magistrate Court

Raisibe Ramohlola, known as Mama Jackie, was convicted of theft, kidnapping, and assault in December 2015. She was accused of abducting and selling a six-year-old boy and a one-month-old girl. The couple had paid her R15,000 for a “legitimate” adoption, but she couldn’t provide them with the necessary legal papers. They eventually sought help from the magistrate court.

Raising children without registering a childcare centre can be a crime, and Ramohlola should have sought help to register her centre. However, she refused and continued to care for children despite an interdict from the High Court. She took in three children without their guardians’ knowledge, and registered a fourth, who had no parents. Ramohlola claimed all the children were her family, but she knew otherwise.

Police & Social Workers

Ramohlola never sold the children. Despite the allegations, she never took any money from the children. Her efforts were commend by the police and social workers, and she was even invite by councillors to bring the homeless children to her Delfire Home and Care Centre in Diepsloot.


Raisibe Ramohlolo is a South African singer and songwriter. She has a history of controversy. She has been accuse of child trafficking and ran an illegal orphanage. Her sold two children for R15 000 each. Three years ago, she thought she was adopting two children, but in fact, she had been selling them.