The Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar ( is a digital educational platform that provides education to students free of military dictatorship and also slavery. Its online digital platform currently serves more than 10,000 students and teaches the basic education curriculum. Students can enroll at FOEIM for free and can take courses online and at their convenience.

Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar (FOEIM) stands for Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar. The mission of the organization is to combat social problems that are a hindrance to education in Myanmar. The organization acknowledges that the education system should not be a barrier to people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. offers free primary education through its free online schools. This project is run in partnership with the National Unity Government of Myanmar. The organization has opened enrollment for elementary school students, including Grade-2, Grade-3, and also Grade-4 students. The classes are 10 hours long and run daily from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon. The school accepts about 300 students per class.


It is important to remember that the organization is run by talented young minds. The teachers of this organization are its most valuable assets. They undergo rigorous trainings and are required to hold a sound Education Qualification. The management of FOEIM seeks advice from professors from various universities to help guide the program.


The Academy provides classes in Primary, Middle, and also High School. The classes are designed to provide students with a broad education, based on various learning resources. The curriculum is geared toward academics and practical skills, and also the teachers come from diverse educational backgrounds. This allows students to build a more balanced environment between teachers and students.

The Academy offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of students. The school focuses on developing critical thinking skills and also basic education for all age groups. By providing this foundational education, students can look forward to a bright future. In addition, the FOEIM Academy works to improve the education system by fostering critical thinking skills in their students.

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The Free Online Educational Institution Myanmar (FOEIM) is an online school with more than 10,000 students in Myanmar. Founded by Mr. Khant Thu, the organization works with the interim education sector of the National Unity Government. It teaches students based on the basic education curriculum. The organization is a part of the broader effort to bring about a change in the country’s education system.


The Curriculum at Foeim Academy is designed to give students a foundation for the future. Students are given the opportunity to explore the arts, sciences, and also technology, while improving their critical thinking skills. Students also gain the opportunity to interact with teachers, which helps foster a sense of community.

The Academy offers classes in Primary, Middle, and also High Schools. Classes are based on a national curriculum developed in collaboration with the Educational Board. The classes are taught by highly qualified teachers from different educational backgrounds and also fields. The curriculum is based on the principles of basic education, and also the school provides a wide range of learning resources.

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, you may want to learn more about the FOEIM Academy. Here you’ll find information on the school’s mission statement. You’ll also learn about the teachers and their qualifications. The teachers are a vital part of the school’s success.

Information about FOEIM Academy

FOEIM Academy is a prestigious educational institution that focuses on providing students with education and practical skills they can apply in the workforce. It offers various scholarships and programs to help students pay for their education. It is also known for its innovative and technologically focused approach to education. As a result, students can enjoy a great learning experience at an affordable price.

FOEIM has over 10,000 students and is part of the National Unity Government’s interim education sector. This educational institution uses video articles and quizzes to teach students financial planning. The videos and articles are made by financial experts and members of FOEIM’s staff. You can learn more about the course by visiting the website or Facebook page.


FOEIM is an educational institution that aims to educate students about the dangers of military dictatorship and slavery. It is part of the interim education sector of the National Unity Government and currently teaches more than 10,000 students online. Its curriculum is based on the basic education standards in the country.

Conclusion: Academy is an educational organization which strives to give its students the skills they need in order to succeed in the workforce. They offer several programs, as well as scholarships, to deserving students. Moreover, their innovative and technologically focused approach ensures that students have the best learning experience possible. As a result, FOEIM provides world-class education at a very affordable price.