Finding the right packaging for your product is a balancing act. It’s not just about durability and protection, although that is a big concern, especially where food products are concerned. Packaging also needs to be efficient in both costs and material use, and consumers are becoming increasingly critical of packaging that does not take its own environmental impact into account.

One reason why custom mylar bags have become popular is their ability to meet the needs of companies looking for cost-efficient packaging and those looking for the best possible preservation and protection of the product. Mylar is easily recyclable, and you can print on practically the entire surface when using bags.

Mylar is also flexible. It suits vacuum-sealed products like coffee as well as those that need a little extra air to protect the product, like chips and other snack packaging. In addition to the flexibility of mylar bagging, there are other packing products that can fill out your selection so you present a unified look across your brand’s offerings, from bagged goods to those in stand-up pouches.

Protect Your Product Effectively and Efficiently

Mylar is a great choice to protect perishable products of all kinds, which is why it has seen such widespread adoption across industries. From plastic packaging for frozen food that keeps it fresh to recyclable scent-proof packaging for the medicinal cannabis industry in various states, mylar materials allow for sturdy, low cost, and ecologically friendly packaging with all the extras that augment a customer’s experience of your brand.

Since mylar bags can be printed over the entire show surface, your creative team can reinforce your colors, logo, and brand messaging across the entire exterior. That includes nutritional information, any regulatory warnings, and your own message to customers about your process and the quality of your materials. Plan it, print it, and present it to the customer, it’s that easy.

Create a Unique Consumer Experience

Branding is about more than just your graphic design choices and written voice. It plays a part in the entire consumer experience, defining your company to its customers on an ongoing basis. When you go with a coffee packaging supplier who can custom print ecologically friendly mylar bags that also carry your message and your visual design forward, it helps you set your company apart as efficient, conscientious, and environmentally friendly. The little additions to the experience are really what makes the difference.

  • Seal in freshness and preserve the aroma of your products
  • Provide a recyclable, low-waste alternative to traditional plastic packaging
  • Complete control over the visual design and messaging
  • Flexible alternatives for any niche in the food industry
  • Superior protection for frozen foods

Mylar bags allow you to protect your off the shelf snacks and frozen goods with the same approach to everything from visual presentation to navigating access to the contents. That makes it easier for customers to spot your products in any place they pop up, so it encourages the adoption of new product lines as you expand as well.