While the two actors have been rumored to be dating on several occasions, it’s still unclear whether they’re actually dating. Ramirez has been secretive about his relationship with Melissa Roxburgh, so it’s hard to say whether the pair is still together. However, the actress has remained extremely private about her personal life, and this has led to some speculative online speculation that the two might have broken up.

On-Screen Chemistry

If you’re wondering about Melissa Roxburgh love life, you’ve come to the right place. The actor has dated J.R. Ramirez in the past. During their time together on the hit series Manifest, the two seemed to have an on-screen chemistry. They were often seen at industry events, and Roxburgh even posted about their relationship on Instagram. However, it is unclear what became of the couple.

Diary of Wimpy Kid

Melissa Roxburgh is an actress from Canada who made her debut in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules in 2011. She has since appeared in many successful movies and television shows. She is also an avid traveler and speaks out on social issues.

Melissa Roxburgh’s Relationship

According to reports, the actress and the actor were involved in a two-year relationship. Melissa Roxburgh’s relationship with JR Ramirez has never been confirmed, but it is widely assumed that they were dating. However, this was not confirmed by the actresses, as the two never publicly addressed their relationship.

Second Oldest of Four Siblings

Roxburgh is the second oldest of four siblings and is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia. Her parents are Canadian and her mother is a former tennis player. Her father, a pastor, was originally from Chicago. She has dual citizenship with the US and Canada.

Set of Lost Solace

The actress and her boyfriend met on the set of Lost Solace. While they did not confirm their relationship in public, they were often photographed together in various events. They also shared pictures of themselves on Instagram. Although their relationship was kept secret for professional reasons, the two were clearly in love and very serious about each other.

Roxburgh began dating Andrew Jenkins in 2017. Andrew Jenkins is a Canadian actor and screenwriter who is of the same ethnicity as Roxburgh. The two met on the Lost Solace set and started dating soon after. In 2017, they shared pictures of their vacation in Cabo. Although Roxburgh didn’t explicitly confirm the relationship, they dated for a year.

Andrew Jenkins

In 2017, Melissa Roxburgh began dating Andrew Jenkins, an actor and screenwriter from Canada. The pair met while filming the movie Lost Solace. While the two didn’t publicly confirm their relationship, they often shared pictures on social media. The two seemed to be happy together, and in a recent photo, Roxburgh was seen in Cabo with her beau.

Dating & Shared Pictures of Themselves

After the pair met, the two started dating and shared pictures of themselves on social media. While the couple never confirmed their relationship, they did spend time together on set, attending industry events together, and even going live on Instagram. The relationship was short-lived, however, and Roxburgh hasn’t been spotted with anyone since.

Long-Term One

The relationship between Roxburgh and Jenkins was not a long-term one, and there are no details available on the couple’s current status. The two dated for a brief period, but kept the reasons for their breakup a secret. Melissa Roxburgh has a lot of wealth derived from her multiple television appearances and film projects, and she’s also invested in a number of businesses.

Melissa Roxburgh’s Height & Weight

She height and weight are average. Melissa Roxburgh stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 54 kg. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Melissa Roxburgh is active on Facebook and Twitter. She is not married, but there are rumors that she is dating Andrew Jenkins.

Journalism Career

Roxburgh was originally interested in a journalism career, but quickly moved into the movie and television world instead. After working on Canadian TV shows, she began appearing on shows such as Arrow, Supernatural, Travelers, and Star Trek Beyond. Then, she landed her big break with Manifest in 2018. Since then, she’s been busy pursuing a career in acting.

Final Words:

The couple has since broken up silently. Melissa’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million. Her income is earned from acting, and she receives around $14-16k per episode of her series Manifest.