The Healthland Centriq EHR Software is an electronic health record system that is hosted in the cloud and was developed specifically with the requirements of community and rural hospitals in mind. It is intended to make a variety of medical disciplines, such as clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, radiology, and emergency medicine, more accessible to patients. Epic was formed in 1979 as a privately held healthcare software company. Around 25 disciplines, including behavioral health, cardiology, dermatology, dentistry, nephrology, radiology, and occupational health, are supported by Epic EMR Software. EpicCare is Epic’s Meaningful Use Stage 1-certified electronic medical records (EMR) solution for big medical facilities, hospitals, and practices.

If you wish to invest in either of the two software’s, keep reading further as this article will shed light on the features, reviews, pricing etc.

Healthland Centriq

Healthland has a lengthy history in the medical industry. Healthland EMR is practice management software that you may use to structure your medical practice. The features of this programme include electronic medical records and practice administration. Healthland has made numerous medical contributions. For instance, they created the Healthland Centriq System, a cloud-based network intended specifically to meet the requirements of rural and community hospitals. It has several functions, such as documentation management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic prescription, and a patient portal. Other characteristics include E/M coding, practice management (PM), Computerized Practitioner Order Entry (CPOE), and pharmaceutical management, among others.

Healthland EHR Key Features


According to assessments by Healthland Centriq, the dashboard in Healthland EMR is excellent. The tasks are prioritized so that you are always aware of what requires the greatest attention. In addition, the dashboard is also customizable. It can be modified to address a range of concerns. You can place certain features in easy access so that you can quickly locate them when you need them. As an alternative to searching for objects, you may place the tools you usually use on the dashboard. Then, you can access them whenever you require software-related information.

Easy Integration

Daily patient visits and document completion are only a small part of managing a practice. When you use Healthland EMR, you also have access to information that can assist you with running your clinic on a daily basis. For instance, the program can be used to establish personnel schedules, administer payroll, and maintain records. This significantly simplifies the life of office managers and streamlines operations for vendors. They should not worry about scheduling conflicts or financial difficulties.

Ease of Communication

Improving communication is one way to ensure that your practice’s productivity grows rapidly. Healthland Centriq EMR’s features aid you in achieving this objective, notably internally. First, the program encourages communication between physicians, nurses, and office managers. This guarantees that everyone is kept informed of any problems. This is also useful because it expedites the completion of duties. You can make quicker decisions on the practice and its patients.

Healthland EHR Pricing

Healthland has not provided users with any pricing information but if one wishes to find out then the vendor can be contacted to get a custom quote.

Healthland EHR Demo

If you still have doubts regarding the software and the way it operates, a free demo is the answer to all the queries and doubts.

Healthland EHR Reviews

The administrative tools of the software have gotten favorable comments. The given tools are ideal for small practices, though mastering them may need experience. Healthland Centriq evaluations indicate that the program is also very customizable. It can adapt to diverse circumstances and remains a viable practice option.

EpicCare EMR

EpicCare EMR is an ambulatory solution that permits physicians to document a patient’s healthcare history over time. It is used by health institutions across the globe to manage a variety of their daily operations, including appointment scheduling and invoicing and payment. It has modules for virtually every requirement. It extends beyond portable medical records by including clinical trials, a mobile application, and analytics. Utilizing it has resulted in increased physician efficiency and production, as well as an increase in overall revenue for healthcare facilities. In turn, practitioners are able to expand their daily patient volume without sacrificing treatment quality. In particular, clinicians will observe an improvement in workflow efficiency.

EpicCare EMR Key Features

Community Health Portal

It enables users to keep community providers and caregivers informed through an integrated portal that updates them on their patients, allows them to submit referrals, order labs and imaging, address care gaps, and plan visits, among other functions.


Interoperability permits the sharing of a patient’s medical information with any health organization that complies with standards, independent of the EMR/EHR system in use. Epic exchanges more patient records for care than any other vendor; in April 2019 alone, over 100,000 medical records were exchanged.

Security of Information

You can have peace of mind knowing that sensitive documents are protected when you choose to save medical information electronically as opposed to physically. The electronic medical record system used by EpicCare allows for several levels of access, which ensures that only those individuals who require a patient’s information are granted permission to view it. No longer do hospitals and other medical facilities incur the risk of losing important patient records as a result of their being misplaced, tampered with, stolen, or destroyed.

EpicCare EMR Pricing

EpicCare has not provided their pricing information on their website but if one is interested in investing, the vendor should be contacted.

EpicCare EMR Demo

In order to get familiar with the software and its characteristics, scheduling a demo is the safest option. A free demo is available.

EpicCare EMR Reviews

Many consumers admire EpicCare’s comprehensive functionality and shortcut choices. It gives medical providers at different sites easier access to patient data. The system’s broad features overwhelm many users, and many have trouble using shortcuts.


Both softwares are packed with robust features, it depends on the user which is more suitable based on the size of one’s practice.