In 2001, Kevin Samuels and his wife welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Ella. After a year of marriage, the couple separated. Seven years later, he found love again and they exchanged vows. However, the marriage did not last. In 2003, the couple divorced, only 3 years after their marriage. After a brief breakup, Kevin Samuels has moved on to find another woman who he calls his “soul mate.”

Shaquille O’Neal

The NBA star and life coach, Kevin Samuels, has recently given an interview on YouTube. In it, he discussed his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal, his wife of 12 years. The interview is interesting because Samuels has been accused of sexism and alleged infidelity by Shaquille’s fans. But he has denied these allegations.

Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife

If you are looking for information about Kevin Samuel’s ex-wives, then you’ve come to the right place. His relationship history is a little mysterious. The NBA legend, who is considered a relationship expert, has kept his personal life under wraps. After all, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who dates just one woman at a time.

kevin samuels’ first marriage

While it’s not known when he was married, Kevin Samuels’ first marriage was reportedly in the U.S. and took place on June 29, 2000. His wife is a cancerian and of African descent. Despite his self-proclaimed position as a relationship expert, Kevin has been fairly private about his personal life. The couple’s daughter is not yet known to the public but she has maintained a close relationship with her father.

kevin samuels’ relationship with Brittany Renner

After a recent video surfaced of Kevin Samuels and Brittany Renner, the two were quickly dubbed as a couple. Despite the shocking news, the actors have denied the rumors that they were dating. Kevin Samuels is a relationship expert with more than 1.47 million subscribers, and he has always been known for his witty and funny videos. His relationship advice is based on his own experiences with men and women and he was no exception.

Kevin Samuels’ alleged daughter from previous marriage

Actor Kevin Samuels has a daughter from two previous relationships. Although he has never publicly disclosed the identity of the child, he has been married twice before, with his second marriage ending in divorce. Samuels has stayed away from questions about his personal life, preferring to avoid the topic whenever possible. His alleged daughter was reportedly born on 29 June 2000. Until recently, he was thought to have joint custody of the daughter. He then filed for divorce after the ex-wife wanted joint custody of their child.

Kevin Samuels’ alleged homophobia

After a live-stream video surfacing of an apparently homosexual man sleeping in a mattress, Kevin Samuels responded by denying the allegations and saying he was just a troll. He also denounced the LGBTQ community for allowing straight men to be gay-bashed. This isn’t the first time that a straight man has been accused of homophobia. However, this latest incident is particularly problematic.

Kevin Samuels’ death

There are many rumors surrounding the death of Kevin Samuels’ wife. His first marriage lasted about a year. He and his girlfriend met in fourth grade and were married in 2001. They had a daughter together. After their divorce, Kevin Samuels found another love and a second marriage. His second marriage lasted only three years and ended in divorce due to irreconcilable differences. His wife was a black woman and has not been publicly identified.