Dedicated servers are a web hosting option for websites and digital tools that require speed because they are fast, secure, and reliable. Despite being ideal for this purpose, most dedicated servers are limited to 10mbps or 100mbps uplinks. As bandwidth usage trends continue to rise year after year, with more and more heavy apps and websites appearing on the internet, it is critical to delivering content to end users as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For these and other reasons, there is a need for a new solution to power streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive websites and applications. This article will go over the key advantages of fast 10gbps dedicated servers and why they are the best server for your company.

What are dedicated servers?

A dedicated server is a remote server wholly dedicated to a single person, organization, or application. Unlike shared and virtual private server hosting, Dedicated servers are not shared with any client, service, application, or website. The client is the only one who can access the server. Although a dedicated server functions similarly to an in-house server, the backend provider owns, operates, and manages it. The client, or user, who has leased the physical server, connects to the dedicated server via the internet to perform a variety of server-based services—the elements hosted on a dedicated server load faster because more resources are available. More dedicated server resources imply a higher cost. Because not everyone can afford such a large dedicated server, the fast 10gbps dedicated server is frequently preferred when the quality of fast loading speed is required.

What are 10Gbps dedicated servers?

10Gbps dedicated servers are servers equipped with a network card capable of transferring data at speeds up to 10 Gigabits per second. With its 10Gbps, the server can transfer 1,000,000,000 bits per second, assuming 0% network overhead. This number makes 10Gbps the highest available bandwidth for web servers. As a result, hosting providers can provide users with extremely high bandwidth amounts, enabling them to host extremely large websites and create a great deal of traffic for their customers. The higher the speed of internet connection, the more visitors that come to your websites, and the greater your conversion.

As a result of getting a dedicated server with a high transfer speed rate like 10Gbps, your site not only brings an influx of visitors and traffic but is also well placed to stay competitive in today’s market. These servers are also connected to the public internet using cables, switches, and routers capable of meeting these 10Gbps speeds.

These switches are usually the sufficient backbone capacity to the core to support all traffic that is supplied by the 10Gbps uplink. They assure that the traffic gets to its destination (the end-user) as efficiently as possible – meaning the shortest path possible.

Benefits of Fast 10Gbps dedicated server

When you buy a 10Gbps dedicated server, your server, websites, and other resources will benefit from the following features:

  1. Faster page load times

Your resources and elements will load faster than on any other type of web hosting server, thanks to the 10Gbps uplink. Because one of the critical SEO factors used by Google and other search engines to determine search engine ranking is website speed, your fast website will be pushed higher in the search results.

  • Faster video buffering times

Another significant advantage of 10Gbps connections is significantly faster video buffering times. These dedicated servers allow you to upload and watch videos with less latency than traditional dedicated servers.

  • Increased uptime

Maintaining a strong and consistent online presence is a great way to keep your website competitive in today’s market. Visitors can quickly become dissatisfied and leave when your online presence is inconsistent.

Wrap Up

The highest available bandwidth for web servers is, without a doubt, 10Gbps dedicated server hosting. As a result, hosting providers can provide customers with extremely high bandwidth via these servers, allowing their users to host extremely large websites and generate significant traffic for their customers. However, it comes at a high cost that many people cannot afford. While most web hosting companies make every effort to provide affordable, fast dedicated servers to the public, it is not always enough. UltaHost offers some of the fastest web hosting options on the market if you buy a cheap dedicated server from UltaHost.