Your bathroom is a space for you to rejuvenate daily! At times there comes a phase in your life when you don’t feel like walking inside this space. You feel uninspired. It is a sign that your bathroom needs a new look, a remodel. If this is where you find yourself to be, choose the industrial bathroom design.

The essence of the industrial bathroom décor

Today, the industrial décor style has made a stunning comeback and is adding value to interior design in several ways. It gets characterized by pipes, exposed bricks, dark colors, metalwork, and raw materials. The style takes its inspiration from the warehouses and factories, people saw post the Industrial Revolution in the West.

The décor style has changed manifold over the years. Currently, you get to see a blend of industrial and modern elements. However, it can still work out its charm, providing your bathroom a classy and edgy look. Many homeowners find it exciting to create an industrial bathroom design, enabling them to dabble and experiment with several décor elements. Here are a few ideas that will guide you in installing this bathroom design theme:

  1. Accomplish the best of both the worlds

Being a straight up departure from a traditional industrial bathroom, the design is new-age in its essence. However, it still bears an industrial element because of the dark color scheme. The shades like brown, grey, white and black are staples here. The bathroom design makes use of a blend of grey and white. It also highlights textured grey wall tiles, with the fixtures, floor tiles, and cabinets being white. Here the indirect lighting can make the wall design prominent and provide it with a rustic and raw look. People who prefer darker shades and have an affinity for vintage elements will like this décor, as it helps to retain a modern element.

  • Industrial lighting can do wonders

This stunning bathroom design showcases the soft grey tiles, which offer the space a soothing and calming feel. Elements like the white bathroom fixtures, dark grey cabinets, and wooden flooring can add to the entire vibe. The things that create the industrial look are stylish pendant lights. All these lights act as a distinctive industrial element to the décor. The bathroom space would appear bland and ordinary if these lights went missing. The lights enhance the look and add a touch of extravagance. Get a black framing around the bathroom mirror to add to the style if possible. People who love simplicity but could make use of a statement bathroom accessory should say yes to this décor. It will be a pleasant change and will also bring the desired newness to the space.

  • The addition of minimalistic and sleek elements

Sometimes you might feel that you are adding a new and contemporary touch to your bathroom. But if you look closely, you will realize that it has all the potential to approximate the look of an industrial bathroom. Décor elements like a big window having black panes, exposed plumbing, and a black-framed mirror are a few features to mention. It helps you create a straightforward and minimalistic look, the hallmark of industrial bathroom décor. It means you can select the industrial-style bathroom and also keep it modern. You will accomplish a unique design, and the outcome will impress one and all.

  • Getting the bathroom sink game correct

People often think choosing a flamboyant and lavish bathroom sink is essential to sport the industrial design. It is far from the truth. The bathroom décor experts always suggest people to choose a functional sink with a sleek look. It need not be flashy. But if you decide to make a statement without going over the top, you can. The modern-day washbasin for small bath can do complete justice to your requirement here. It is sturdy, functional, and looks sober. Position it smartly so that you can arrange the space around it innovatively and add to the overall décor.

  • A spacious and chic space

You can choose a wooden cabinet and a double sink to make the industrial bathroom appear chic and elaborate. Add elegant oval-shaped mirrors to steal maximum glances. Get a wooden tool as that is a simple yet sober addition to the space. You can keep the essentials on it, and it provides a unique look to your bathroom. Elements like a vastness in the room, open space, dark colors, and an airy feel will add to the industrial look. Taps with an old-world charm will add to the industrial vibe. Make sure to add an oversized window, which is an essential element of this design.

Considering its chic appearance, an industrial bathroom design is best for young couples. Simultaneously, it is also perfect for people who stay by themselves. The décor can help elevate the look of your bathroom space and fetch you several compliments.

  • Resort dark shades without making it appear gothic

Not many people choose a room that has a raw and unfinished look. Neither do they select salvaged material for decorating or creating spaces. They will only go for it if they like it. That doesn’t indicate our popular industrial décor is out of fashion. Over the past few years, the style has evolved and have acquired new forms. To create a bathroom that looks industrial without bordering on the gothic elements, choose classy dark shades but don’t go overboard with them. Let your bathroom look slightly retro and exude an old-school charm. It will only make you want to spend more time here.

Once you know the factors that make the industrial bathroom décor what it is, execution becomes easy. But before you undertake the remodeling project, you need to assess your bathroom space and check the capacity to which it can project and maintain the industrial look. Take the help of an experienced bathroom décor expert and implement this design, being thoroughly informed about the pros and cons.