Financial freedom is the key to having a prosperous life. However, achieving complete financial independence is not an easy task for most people, especially without proper guidance. It is important to rely on people who have truly made it and achieved their dream of gaining true financial freedom.

Consultation companies like Wifi Wealth play an integral role in guiding you to reach your goals and be financially independent. The CFO of Wifi Wealth, Jerrika Cox, has years of experience in providing guidance to many people related to establishing successful businesses.

In this article, you will get to know all about Jerrika Cox and how she is helping people through Wifi Wealth.

Who is Jerrika Cox?

Jerrika Cox is the co-founder of Wifi Wealth. She and her husband help people achieve their goals of gaining financial freedom. In her free time, Jerrika loves to care for rescue kittens and get involved in creative activities.

Jerrika has a very humble background as she grew up in the foster care system of the USA. She graduated with a degree in Finance with a 100% scholarship from Seattle University. She also has the experience of working as an accountant at a law firm. However, Jerrika’s love for entrepreneurship led her to establish an ecommerce business. Although that business failed quickly, she learned a lot from this experience and eventually founded Wifi Wealth along with her husband, Brycen.

The goal of Wifi Wealth

Generally, people think about retiring as soon as they start gaining financial freedom. However, both Jerrika and Brycen wanted to help other people achieve financial independence and enjoy the things that they have gotten since establishing successful businesses.

Wifi Wealth has greatly evolved over time. Its initial purpose was to help people achieve financial freedom by giving them some suitable tools and strategies. Now, Wifi Wealth offers various programs under the direct supervision of Jerrika and Brycen to help people make huge profits through various strategies.


Wifi Wealth assists you in starting and maintaining a stream of residual income so that you may supplement your primary source of income with a little additional cash. You can also benefit from a free planning session.

A system of varied income-generating options that Wifi Wealth provides is not available to other consulting companies. The two services that are most well-known inside Wifi Wealth are development through Instagram and Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA

With Wifi Wealth’s assistance, you may create an eCommerce platform via Amazon without having to perform any of the labor-intensive work yourself. It is common to get overwhelmed by the ecommerce sector, due to which many firms and people fail before they ever get off the ground.

Failure in eCommerce may also result from a number of other factors, such as lacking the time, expertise, or understanding necessary to avoid the drawbacks of operating an online company. Jerrika Cox, through Wifi Wealth, gives clients listing optimization services to assist them in succeeding in luring customers to your platform so they can make a purchase.

Instagram Growth

When you utilize Wifi Wealth to boost your Instagram following, you have the chance to get mentoring from a brand-savvy mentor with expertise in building successful online businesses. Working together, you and your mentor will develop a tried-and-true strategy for monetizing your Instagram following.

The mentors at Wifi Wealth, including Jerrika Cox, will employ the same techniques used by celebrities to engage on social media and reach the ideal audience for marketers. You’ll discover how to broaden your impact, reputation, and reach through Wifi Wealth. Additionally, they’ll show you how to access resources, opportunities, and contacts that you would not have had access to without Wifi Wealth.

Free Consultation

You and a mentor will have the chance to talk about your company objectives and where you plan to take them during your free consultation. Once those objectives have been set, you and your mentor may collaborate to develop a thorough strategy for expanding your social media following or launching your online store. Making a strategy for social media and eCommerce may even be advantageous. Jerrika Cox will assist you in achieving any goals you have for your company or brand.


Jerrika Cox graduated from Seattle University with a degree in finance. Hence, it is clear that the services provided by Wifi Wealth can facilitate your eCommerce company’s success. Both Jerrika and Brycen Cox strongly believe that you should only sell or promote goods and services that you really support. You should start getting the services of Wifi Wealth to rely on experts’ advice and establish a successful business.