As Indians, we can say that we are the biggest fans of cricket. There is nothing in the whole universe that Indians love more than cricket. And one more best thing about our love for cricket is that we can still make time to enjoy playing our favorite sport online in our busy working life. We enjoy playing cricket fantasy league so much that an online sports app is the most used app on our phones for every match. 

Participating in an online fantasy cricket match is simple, although winning a match may not be. All you are required to do to play is download the app on your mobile phone, and you can participate in any of your favorite cricket matches. You can display your skills and knowledge as much as possible in the match. But before you participate in any cricket match, you need to know about some of the primary and essential rules of cricket, which are as follows:

Number of teams –

Cricket is a team sport played between two teams. Whichever team scores maximum runs or points will essentially be the winning team.

Number of players –

There are eleven players on each team. Eleven players in both teams include the captain, vice-captain, batters, bowlers, and wicket keepers.

Selection of team players –

The captain is responsible for selecting each team player to form a team of eleven players. In addition, he will decide who will perform in the match and the positions and responsibilities of each player.

Umpire’s decision is the final –

Whatever decision the umpire will make is the final decision. According to the referee, no one can change it or interrupt the same if the batsman is out.

An over consists of six balls –

There are six balls in an over. When the six balls are delivered, it means an over finishes. After every over, a bowler changes, and another player comes to throw the next over.

The duration of a match can negotiate –

Every match consists of at least one inning in which both teams perform, and each player takes their turns bowling, batting, and fielding.

Fixed duration professional cricket matches

The duration of professional cricket matches or test matches is fixed at six hours every day. So, it cannot negotiate the length of the test matches.

Sixes and fours –

It considers six runs when the batsman hits the ball and goes beyond the boundary. And when the ball hits the boundary, then it makes four runs.

A batsman is out in the following cases-

The fielding team can run out the batsman in the following ways;

  • When a bowler hits the wickets while bowling
  • A fielder catches the ball hits by the batsman
  • A fielder hits a wicket between the batsman and takes a run with his partner but does not complete it.

So, these are some of the significant rules of cricket that every cricket fan should know. If you have excellent knowledge of cricket’s basic rules and regulations, you can more confidently participate in fantasy cricket matches. You should first start participating in those fantasy cricket matches you have excellent knowledge about. Participating in any random cricket match will increase the chances of losing the match without knowing its rules and regulations.