Have you wondered regarding the identification of the quality of the diamonds? Did you have any doubts that whether your diamond jewelry has been tested for its originality?

Well, here is the answer. Yes, all the diamonds are tested and approved after they are being processed and made into different shapes. This happens for both original and the lab grown diamonds, but the processes are different for each.

We are going to take a look at the two different processes for two types of diamonds and how are they done:

  • GIA: This certification is provided by the Gemological Institute of America. This is done for those diamonds that fall under the categories from D-Z color range. This report includes a full analysis of the shape and the cutting style, measurements, carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, cut grade, polish and symmetry assessments and fluorescence. This report also contains a plotted diagram that shows the relative sizes and location of clarity characteristics, a proportion diagram and GIA grading scales. This analysis is mostly done for the real diamonds that are found in nature. It follows the 4cs of the diamond very strictly and clearly so that no illusions are left on the diamonds.
  1. IGI: This certification is done by the International Gemological Institute, but is less strict than GIA. This process provides stricter reports for the lab-grown diamonds rather than the original diamonds. They also follow the similar processes of the 4cs of the diamond. The IGI reports will mostly give a perfect measurement of the diamonds that is strictly followed internationally. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this process does not issue any reports on the diamonds with temporary treatments of inclusions.

The IGI vs GIA Diamonds are still in debate and people often get confused on which ones to buy. You can compare in between igi vs gia lab grown diamonds, for instance by asking any diamond experts.

In conclusion, both of the certification process works best for each type of diamonds. But many people recommend GIA over IGI as they are the first lab that was created for diamond testing and provides training to many gemologists who work there. Be careful to choose the right kind of process that will give you the desirable results of your diamond quality.