The sisters, Sonia and Fyza Ali, are influencers whose voice memos have sparked racism. The singer made racist remarks about people in Pakistan on her Snapchat account. She told a woman to return to Pakistan to be slaved and make money from donkeys. She even suggested taking her father as a slave. Both Sonia and Fyza are of Pakistani descent. As a result, she was dropped by brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided.

Doppelgangers of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner

Sonia and Fyza Ali are two beauty influencers from Dubai, and the pair are similar enough to the Kardashians that some Twitter users couldn’t believe they are not real. While some users speculated that they underwent extensive plastic surgery, Sonia and Fyza maintain they are uncannily like the famous stars. They are so similar to the Kardashians that they’ve even been mistaken for them on Instagram.

While fans were initially confused when they saw their Instagram accounts, they’ve since moved on. In the beginning, their pictures were merely reviews of their latest beauty products. Now, they’ve become Instagram stars, modeling makeup and racking up Likes like Kim and Kylie. They’ve been seen dancing on Ellen DeGeneres and attending high-profile parties.

They are known for their makeup skills

Known for her renowned “Buffing Technique,” Fyza Ali has become a worldwide makeup superstar. This beauty guru is also an Instagram sensation, having gained attention for her countless beauty tips. This makes her one of the best beauty influencers in the world. She has an extensive following of more than 1.3 million followers. Besides their fame in the world of makeup, Fyza Ali also shares some life-changing tips to help you look and feel your best!

Sonia and Fyza Ali are sisters who started using makeup when they were young. They share their makeup skills with their younger sister Sonia on Instagram, and have earned a large following thanks to their makeup techniques. Both sisters are well-known for their artistic approach to facial contouring and highlighting. The sisters have amassed 1.1 million followers on Instagram and have collaborated with leading UK brands. Whether you are planning a wedding or a night out with friends, Fyza and Sonia Ali will help you look and feel amazing!

They collaborate with various brands

The twins SoniaxFyza and Fyza Ali have more than one million followers on their Instagram accounts. Their brand, SoniaxFyza, has collaborated with various brands, including Missguided. While they are popular on Instagram, the Ali sisters have ruffled a few feathers recently, resulting in a backlash from her fans. Earlier this year, Fyza was banned by Missguided for interacting with a woman who was talking inappropriately to her mother.

The sisters, who look just like Kylie Jenner, have been receiving a lot of hate on the internet over their recent racial comments. The sisters, who grew up in Birmingham, are largely dependent on brand sponsorships to maintain their lifestyles. However, Fyza Ali was recently accused of hurling racial insults at an unnamed woman, who allegedly spoke poorly of her mother. She also made a graphic remark about bestiality, claimed Pakistan has worthless currency, and made offensive comments about female genitalia.

They are receiving hate online

The SoniaxFyza sisters have recently been subjected to a barrage of criticism after a video featuring them appeared on the internet. After a fan posted an abusive voice note to Fyza Ali, the former Miss Universe contestant refused to apologize and said she did not intend to make a political statement. Meanwhile, Missguided, who has been boycotting influencers for years, announced that they will no longer collaborate with the pair. The news has caused many netizens to express their disapproval for the sisters and call for their deplatforming.

While Fyza has a slew of followers on her sister duo Instagram account, her comments have sparked controversy. The Instagram account of the fashion blogger and model has received over one million followers. However, the hateful comments are not limited to the account, but also to her racial remarks. The comments about her Pakistani heritage have sparked a huge backlash and she has lost brand sponsorships as a result.

They have lost brand sponsorships

After the controversy surrounding the social media sister duo SoniaxFyza, the popular YouTuber has lost her brand sponsorships. Although she has been receiving hate mail online for her controversial responses, SoniaxFyza are standing by their actions. The duo has yet to apologize for the comments she made regarding the leaked audio clip, and they continue to post about their favorite makeup products. Here is the video of her response to the criticisms.

Final Words:

After being accused of using racial slurs and making anti-Asian comments, Fyza has lost her brand sponsorships. After a leaked voice memo, three brands have halted their collaborations with Fyza Ali. The infamous audio clip, which went viral on Snapchat, showed Fyza making racist comments towards an individual who was speaking inappropriately to her mother. As a result, Fyza has lost brand sponsorships, including Missguided and SheIn.