Feedback helps students improve and grow. It is crucial for teachers to provide students with feedback to help them improve their performance, achievement, and overall development. 

However, at the same time, it is important to provide feedback appropriately. Positive feedback is normally welcomed by students since it is motivating; yet, teachers are frequently required to provide negative feedback, which can discourage students and lower their morale. Therefore, sharing feedback appropriately is important. 

You can use various ways to provide feedback. If you teach online, you can provide in a sophisticated way. Even if you do not teach online, you can always use technology to make the process better. No matter which way you use it, your feedback must contain certain elements. 

Here is a list of the elements that you must incorporate into your feedback giving process:

  • Educative

Students must be able to distinguish between what they are doing correctly and what they are doing incorrectly. Teachers should explain it to them thoroughly and assist them in fixing their shortcomings. It is also vital that they concentrate on what they are doing properly rather than only focusing on their mistakes. You should both compliment, and correct them.

  • One-on-One Discussion

One of the preferable methods of providing feedback is to have a one-on-one discussion with students. Students will feel more at ease discussing their concerns and challenges. However, a teacher should ensure that the discourse constructively encourages a student. Students will also be less hesitant to attend future meetings.

You should plan such meetings in a way that does not waste the time of other students. If you use an online teaching app, then you can schedule calls at different timing as per your and students’ convenience. 

  • On Timely Manner

Taking a test and giving reviews for it after three-four months makes no sense. Neither will it help your students nor will you remember it properly. Hence, feedback should be given from time to time.

  • Peer Reviews

Peer learning provides numerous advantages in the learning process of students, and peer conferencing does as well. Students spend a lot of time with their classmates. As a teacher, you must promote the process of your students helping each other and providing feedback to help each other grow.

  • Take Notes

The chances of your students forgetting fifty per cent of what you said to them are higher. Hence, promote note-taking among your students for the feedback that you give them. 

  • One at a Time

Suppose you are a science teacher and are explaining the laws of motion. Instead of explaining all the three at once, you can go one by one. Make sure that your students have thoroughly and then move to the other one. Rather than focusing on it all at once, you can concentrate on teaching and assisting them in learning the framework of one class and informing them about it.  

Give them reviews every time you finish a lesson. This will not only motivate them but also promote learning enthusiasm among them.

Final Thoughts

A good teacher is one who knows how to serve their students. Providing effective feedback helps provide students with the right path to follow.