KKOS Lawyers was founded 10 years ago, with offices in Utah, Orange County, Phoenix and Idaho. Its 50-person full-time team has helped thousands of people achieve the American Dream. The company designs LLCs to meet IRS, ERISA, and DOL regulations. What’s even better is that their sales are $89,488 per year. But how do they make it? And how much does an Associate Attorney make at KKOS?

KKOS Lawyers designs LLCs to comply with IRS, ERISA and DOL regulations

For retirement plans, KKOS Lawyers drafts corporations or LLCs. These entities have to follow specific IRS, ERISA and DOL regulations, so KKOS Lawyers designs these companies in compliance with those regulations. These lawyers also draft LLC Operating Agreements that follow the regulations. As a result, their clients get the best possible service. Their attorneys also draft their own Memorandum of Law, which provides the client with a clear understanding of all of their responsibilities.

KKOS Lawyers generates $89,488 in sales

Based in Rexburg, ID, Kkos Lawyers is in the Legal Services industry. They have 5 employees and generate $89,488 in sales. To calculate these numbers, D&B Hoovers has run a model of the company’s sales and employees. Principals counts are estimated. Contact information and sales figures for Kkos are also available. To view contact information for Kkos, subscribe to D&B Hoovers.

KKOS Lawyers Associate Attorney salary

The average KKOS Associate Attorney salary is $4,238,259. Salaries can vary considerably depending on the department, location, skill set, and experience. To determine an average salary, look at a sample of salaries in the area. Below are some recent salaries for associate attorneys in the CEDAR CITY, UT, area. This compensation analysis is based on salary data collected directly from employees and past job ads.

National Law Firm

KKOS Lawyers is a medium-sized, national law firm with offices in Cedar City, UT, Phoenix, AZ, Rexburg, ID, and Irvine, CA. The firm offers a friendly office environment that fosters a positive work environment. In addition, employees receive health insurance coverage and a health reimbursement plan after 90 days of employment. Salaries are competitive with similar firms in the same area.

An Associate Attorney at KKOS Lawyers, Llp makes an average salary of $4,238,259. However, individual salaries will vary based on their job title, location, skills, and education. The salaries listed below are just the average. Each job title has a corresponding average salary, so be sure to shop around and compare salaries before you apply. Then, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision about your future in this law firm.

Current associates

Starting pay for associates at KKOS Lawyers will increase from $212,000 to $215,000 depending on the firm. Cadwalader, Wickersham, and Milbank recently matched each other’s pay scale. The pay increases will be retroactive to Jan. 1. In addition, the increase will be applied to all current associates. However, this increase is based on seniority.

Salaries at KKOS Lawyers are among the highest in the area. In fact, the firm is one of the most competitive firms in the region. Associate attorneys earn an average of $412,000 per year, but KKOS lawyers are offering a slightly higher salary. Associates can also expect to make $365,000 during the summer when they’re not in school, but they’ll earn $30,000 more.

Final Words:

Salaries for Entry Level Associate Attorneys at KKOS Lawyers are considerably higher than those in other cities. Entry-level attorneys may earn as much as $93,500 a year, while top-earners earn as much as $82,500. However, wages for these positions vary considerably depending on location and skill level. Depending on your skill level, location, and experience, an Associate Attorney salary can vary from $43,500 to $72,500 here.