Talking about a product tour, it should be simple, concentrate on your product’s value, and invite users to explore different features of your product on their own. And once you have the right tools to create your product tour; your tour does stand out!

You can check out a suitable product tour software for your procedures and ensure that you have a tour that speaks with the users and convince them. Remember, learning a new type of tool or software can be a daunting task. Between the fresh features and unfamiliar navigation, first-time users may easily get stressed without help from that of your team. But with an interactive type of product tour — a path that introduces new users to your SaaS product — you easily can delight users, prove your worth , and enhance the overall product activation from the start.

Why do you need a product tour?

No matter how technology -savvy a user is, getting their bearings on a brand-new type of platform can be challenging. Additionally, SaaS products offer diversity of choice — from customization options to that of overall pages to explore — which can overwhelm fresh users and keep them from getting successful on the platform. The power of a product tour is definitely its ability to guide users toward the finest possible first steps, so they can get value from your software as swiftly as possible. Once the users no longer encounter any sort of a steep learning curve so as to understand the value your product offers, it can increase:

  • Activation: the sum of users committing to overall paid plans
  • Feature adoption: the number of features your clients make use of
  • User engagement: the frequency of that of user interaction with that of your platform
  • Client retention: the sum of folks who continue subscribing to your overall products.

Building an effective tour

Not all type of product tours is equally effective. Once they are extremely complex, for example, your clients could simply tune out before the user onboarding experience is even near to over. To make your product tutorial as powerful as possible, keep the following 3 things in mind:

Product tour should be simple

The finest product tours incline to be simple. In fact, introduce as little as five clear steps or lesser in your onboarding flow is mostly perfect. Users may not complete product tours that are extremely long or complex it simply means they’re not really getting clued into the overall functionality that might help them the most.

As you plot your onboarding process, identify up to four or five steps that are most necessary for creating a positive user experience. Any extra steps must always be eradicated or split into a separate, optional type of product tour.

Concentrate on creating value

The main goal of product tours is unlocking the overall value for your consumers. The quicker your new users get to know how much their product can help them, the quicker their digital adoption will come. But for the sake of simplicity, you don’t need to explain every single feature. Instead, discover your SaaS product’s core value and highlight it across the tour.

As an example, you can simply assume that your product is a simple photo editing software. The main or central value of your mobile app could be its convenience. Once you form up your product tour, you may wish to highlight up to four or five steps that are necessary for editing a photo quicker. As an example , you could choose to highlight your photo upload overall feature, filters, and even photo sharing options. If you are not confident about the core value you have, it’s okay. Just consider the target audience you have. Ask yourself what type of challenges or issues you help them solve and why they constantly make use of your product.

Motivate for small moves

A great type of product tour guides your users toward simple activation, but directly selling your product is a red flag. Getting too greedy from the start is a sure way to simply get your walkthrough avoided by the users you wish to help. Rather than trying to win the final conversion, each step in your product tour must just push users towards tiny but essential actions on your platform.  


So, since you have a great idea about product tours and how you can have a good software to create one; go for it.