If you are trying to decide what size, shape, or style of hat would be best for you, there are many factors to consider. But the width of your brim is one factor that doesn’t always get as much attention. The width of the brim in hats is available in wide variations. Generally, brims offer a better level of protection against harmful UV rays from the sun and various dirt particles. This is what makes it challenging to find the ideal brim size.

If you are not sure what width of brim you should get for your hat or what the ideal width is, for that matter, here is some clarification on how to go about it. The most commonly recommended brim width is between 1.25 and 1.5 inches, that’s roughly a quarter of a centimeter. And this is what might appear to be considered a wide brim. However, many aspects play a role in determining the brim size. Here’s what you need to know before finding the ideal brim size for your hats

Wide Brim Hats in Spring And Summer

Wide brim hats are perfect for spring and summer when the sun is at the peak. This mens brim hat offers protection against UV rays, so you can stay out in the sun all day long without worrying about skin damage or sunburns. In addition, you can cover up half of your face, ears, and neck by choosing lightweight wide brim hat designs. This will eliminate the need for applying sunscreen to all of these areas.

Depending on the type of hat you choose, your brim size will also change. While designs are naturally offered in the wide brim, others have a short or even no brim at all. Hats like Derby’s are prime examples of hats with no brim. Whether you want a small or large brim, go through different hat types first and then make a final choice.

Level of Sun-Protection You Want From Your Hat

The main reason why brim width is important is that it helps cut down the impact of UV rays. This is one of the leading causes of various kinds of skin cancers. If you spend a lot of time outside, then UV protection is something that you should never take lightly. The right kind of hat can not only protect you from the sun but also be more stylish and functional. 

Wearing a wide brim hat can be more appealing than a more formal one. While companies offer hats with wide brims, some don’t have proper coverage from the sun. 

The fact is that not all wide brim hats are equally protective against harmful UV rays. This means that before you select your hat; make sure to research its level of protection against sunlight. 

This is why you might want to consider the kind of mens brim hat you are wearing. While some prefer wearing hats with narrow brims, they are often the most formal hats. If you are not in the mood to wear a very formal hat, consider buying a more casual or even a beater hat with a wide brim. Again, it’s not just based on preference but also fashion that determines how much coverage you should expect from your brims.

How Much Will Your Head Circumference Be?

This is another aspect that should be considered while looking for the ideal brim width for your hats. It’s one thing to know how much coverage you want from brims, but it’s another to know how much your head circumference has to be. This is because there is no point in buying a hat that doesn’t fit your head, is there? So, try measuring your head first and then for a hat with the ideal brim width. Remember that the wider the brim of your hat, the harder it might be to find one that will fit you properly. 

Where Are You Planning To Wear Your Hat?

This determination will also help you understand which type of hat should work for you. For instance, it might be obvious that you should get one with a wide brim if you wear a baseball cap. However, check on the sun protection level if you want your hat to be functional. It’s pretty easy to say that if you wear your hats when riding a motorcycle, then the brim of your hat should have cutouts for visibility. Also, the smaller the brim is, the better it can stay tucked in close to your neck in these cases. 

These are just some factors that should be considered when looking for the ideal brim size for your hats. Ideally, you should know this before deciding on what hat type to pick for yourself. When it comes to selecting a cap, certain factors such as sun protection and brim width can help you guide your choice of a hat.