ArtDaily is an internet-based media company whose news covers the world of art. The site, which is graphic in design, includes 40 photos from around the world. Its articles are geared towards professionals, with news on the most important museums, galleries and artists featured each week. The content is sourced from the AP, Reuters, EPA, and other top media sources. The company’s headquarters is in Mexico City.

In the late 1990s, Ignacio Villarreal, a leading Mexican graphic designer and art book editor, began publishing an arts magazine in Mexico, called Espacio. After a few years of publication, he began exploring the idea of taking his publication online and launched ArtDaily. The online version of ArtDaily has been published since 2000. It was a popular choice among art lovers and is now one of the biggest art magazines on the internet.

The site is updated daily, and subscribers can subscribe to receive a newsletter. The website also includes search engines for searching through the extensive database of art facts. The website is free and designed to be easy to use. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for a print newspaper or a magazine. It is a great resource for the art lover and art enthusiast. It’s easy to subscribe and read, and you’ll be surprised by the variety of articles.

As an online art news source, ArtDaily also delivers an email newsletter. Subscribers can browse its archives of articles. Visitors can also search the site’s database of art facts through a variety of search engines. And while this website isn’t a news website, it is a useful resource for art lovers. You can get the latest updates on upcoming exhibitions and other art related topics. And best of all, it’s free!

Founded in 1996, ArtDaily is an internet media company based in Mexico. Its website looks like an online newspaper and is updated every day. Most stories are official press releases, but there are also original texts by reporters. The art news site’s headquarters are located in Mexico City. Its mission is to provide information about the arts. The content is not only informative, but it is also entertaining. Aside from that, it can be fun to browse through the archives.

ArtDaily has a rich history of covering the arts and the culture of Mexico. Its site is formatted as a newspaper and is updated seven days a week. Unlike traditional newspapers, ArtDaily is an excellent source of information for art lovers. And it’s free! You can subscribe to the newsletter or browse its archive. And you can also sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on new artists and exhibitions.

ArtDaily is an Internet-based media company that was founded in Mexico City in 1996. Its website is presented like a newspaper and is updated each day. It covers all aspects of art, from architecture to anecdotes and digital art. The website also features a search engine that enables visitors to find specific information on any subject related to art. There are many other advantages to ArtDaily. You can subscribe to an RSS feed, and read the latest articles at your leisure.

In Mexico, ArtDaily is published in English, Spanish and French. It is the first art news website in Mexico and is published online. Its founder, Ignacio Villarreal, is a prominent graphic designer and an advertising creative. He is also the founder of Mexico’s arts magazine Museums. But the internet has not stopped ArtDaily from growing. There is a daily newsletter available in Spanish, and the site is updated frequently.

A newsletter with art facts is delivered to subscribers. The website is also accessible via the search engine. You can search the site by using keywords or by submitting your own content. The content on ArtDaily is updated every day. The news is categorized into several categories. It is important to remember that the art news on the site is constantly changing, and isn’t always accurate. While ArtDaily is a great way to stay informed, it can also cause frustration for many readers.

The website is updated every day. It has sections dedicated to digital art, anecdotes, architecture, and other topics. It has also been translated into other languages. While ArtDaily is based in Mexico, it is active in other countries. This online publication is an essential tool for artists and collectors of art. It is the most widely read art news source in Mexico. It has a global audience of over 1 million.