Remote work is increasing day by day and this should not be a surprise for you anymore. 32.6 million Americans are going to work remotely by 2025 as per the Future Workforce Report. So, how far have you or your company prepared for the remote working conditions?

With almost a whole year ahead of us, this is the perfect time to learn new habits and increase our work efficiency. Remote working standards were a shock in 2019 when the coronavirus outbreak hit us. Not only were the companies underprepared for a crisis of such kind, but also employees had little to zero experience of performing their duties from home. Remote work not only brought unforeseen challenges, but it had a big impact on careers.

While many people have found their comfort in investing in the right home essentials to adapt to the lifestyle changes that came with the pandemic, employees are still struggling to grab the essence of working efficiently from home. Working from home’s essentials include high-speed internet.  However, additional essentials such as Cox Contour TV bring much-needed comfort to the new work culture. Cox Contour TV does not limit your entertainment to home. Instead, with Cox Contour TV App, you can take your entrainment wherever you want.

Once you have mastered the art of carefully investing in the essentials for work from home, you are ready to learn things that matter the most with remote working – Zoom conferences.

Zoon is one name that you must have heard a lot in the past two years. Zoom meetings or online meetings are the mediums that connect you with people, your colleagues, employers, and more. Therefore, instead of dreading yourself with zoom fatigue, building meeting muscles can help you enjoy this new communication standard.

Following are some of the ways to kick off your Zoom meetings to leave the participants impressed.

Start with a Sizzle

The way you start your Zoom meeting matters the most. Instead of starting your meeting with the same tone, make sure you have set a tone that is relevant to your meeting’s topic and purpose. You can start your meeting with a short video, a joke, or even a riddle – whatever suits the situation. Many people also start with a story, but you have to make sure that your story is related to the topic that you are going to discuss further.

Add Some Music

Music is a great way to generate some emotion in your participants and to wake them up. Here we do not encourage you to play some hard rock-pop music; instead, you must choose music that creates a specific vibe for the meeting. You can also play the music in the background while the participants are joining the meeting to set the mood and tone straight. In addition, if you must take breaks or pauses in your meeting, make sure you play soft music in the backdrop to counter the awkward silence.

Spur Participation

If you want your audience to learn something in the meeting, you have to keep them engaged. You can segregate the participants into two groups and assign them to discuss a topic and report. You can also add a competitive component to keep the participants motivated and engaged.

Take Your Meeting up a Notch

With zoom meetings becoming monotonous day by day, it is your time to take your meetings a notch up. Make sure you have mastered the art of making Zoom meetings engaging and enjoyable before you call your participants next time!