Tacoma’s weekly business show, Business Matters, airs on Monday nights at 7:30pm on WFMZ-Ch. 69. It reaches 2.7 million households in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The show features interviews with community and business leaders, covers regional public policy issues, and covers world trends. It is also available on demand. To view the show online, use Google Chrome or an HTML5 enabled browser. You can listen to a free preview episode here.

The January 21 and 26 episodes of BUSINESS MATTERS feature a discussion of nonprofits and local efforts to lift families out of poverty. Annette Lewis of Total Action for Progress discusses her work with youth at the local homeless shelter and the company’s new job training program. Roanoke City Manager Bob Cowell speaks about his city’s business policies, including the federal funding for small businesses and shared equity. This segment of the podcast features the voices of local nonprofits and community leaders tackling issues facing our region.

A third episode of BUSINESS MATTERS focuses on local nonprofits helping low-income people get out of poverty. Annette Lewis of Total Action for Progress discusses her program to help local women find their “best jobs.” The episode on January 28 focuses on local organizations. The hosts are joined by Bob Cowell, Roanoke City Manager, and Annette Lewis from Total Action for Progress. If you’d like to hear more about these topics, you can listen to the podcast now.

BUSINESS MATTERS also features local nonprofit organizations helping people lift themselves out of poverty. Annette Lewis of Total Action for Progress discusses her work with Total Action for Progress. In the February 28 and 29 episodes, she and Morgan Romeo of Virginia Career Works-Blue Ridge will discuss the local nonprofit sector, jobs and community. You can also listen to the podcast’s previous episodes on topics such as the economy and local government. Once you’ve listened to the podcast, you can decide for yourself if the show’s content is for you.

BUSINESS MATTERS focuses on local nonprofits that are helping to lift families out of poverty. The show also has interviews with the CEO of the Roanoke Regional Partnership, Annette Lewis, and Bob Cowell, Roanoke’s city manager, and many others. Throughout the episode, listeners will be inspired to do their part by participating in local events and donating money to local charities. The program is free and available on the web.

BUSINESS MATTERS features local nonprofits that are helping to lift families out of poverty. Annette Lewis, CEO of Total Action for Progress, talks about the need for community programs in Roanoke. In a later episode, she discusses how small businesses can benefit from federal funding. And, of course, the show is full of local nonprofits. And that’s the point! Having a thriving community is essential to the survival of your business.

The show’s hosts are passionate about their local community. They discuss everything from job opportunities and community projects to education and training. They also talk about the challenges of running a successful business. They also share their expertise about a wide range of topics, from sharing resources to implementing new laws. A local business is a powerful asset in the community. It is essential to make sure your local business community has a strong and prosperous future. You can do this by using the words above and using the word “best” in your daily vocabulary.

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On January 21, 26, and February 8, BUSINESS MATTERS features local organizations that are helping to lift families out of poverty in the region. Guests Annette Lewis with Total Action for Progress and Bob Cowell with the Roanoke City Manager’s Office will talk about these issues. If you’re interested in a career in the arts, there’s a local organization in your community that will help you find a job. It’s also important to connect with a professional in your field to learn more about the latest trends and strategies in the field.